Interpreter IO has a pre-built industry solution for hospitals, hospital networks and medical centers and systems. Our HIPPA compliant health interpreter management system includes:

  • Interpreter credential management
  • Booking system for interpreters
  • Communications engine with interpreters (text, email and web)
  • Calendars
  • Interpreter Deliver
    • Onsite - Face to Face
    • Telephone interpreting
    • Video remote interpreting
    • On Demand telephone or video
  • Data Management
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing

Hospital and Health specific configuration and templates

Hospital Interpreter Management

Interpreter IO understands the importance of interpreters and the requirements for hospitals and health districts.

The administrator has a critical role in the hospital and needs access to the tools to improve the reliability and effectiveness of interpreter management. The interpreter’s role is to remove the language barrier thereby be placed them in the same position linguistically as an English-speaking person in the medical environment. The role of the administrator is to schedule the interpreter and to provide them the information on date, time, location, directions and identifying detail on the patient (e.g. Patient ID). The administrator to understand the process from the scheduling interpreters all the way through to the payment of the interpreter.

Hospitals may need pre-scheduled interpreters or on-demand interpreters (phone or video). Schedule a demo today to see how Interpreter.IO is your complete solution.

Interpreter credential management

Hospital Interpreter Services

Hospitals have set requirements for the qualifications of the interpreters. Their qualifications, certifications and approvals need to be readily accessible when booking the interpreter. Interpreter IO allows for filtering of interpreters based on credentials. Interpreter IO credentials include demographic information such as name, country of origin, gender and more. Additionally, specific credentials applicable to the legal requirements in your State can also be easily added. 

You can have an unlimited number of interpreters. If switching from Excel or another system, we have the ability to import your interpreters into the system.

Booking system for interpreters

Hospital Interpreter Booking System

The booking system is the easiest to use, most flexible booking system on the market. You can use the pre-built booking templates for hospitals and clinics, or you can easily change these booking forms. For example, if the different regions in your State have different requirements, you can have a different booking form for each category. You can even go down to the individual hospital level for specific booking forms. The set up is simple and hospital systems can be up and running in very short period of time. As part of the set up, hospitals determine if they will have central approval (interpreter coordinator role) for requests. Hospitals (or health districts) can have central administration and management or can operate as separate organizations.

The interpreter booking capability includes pre-defined hospital locations, as well as the use of ad-hoc locations such as home visits.

A requester can see the status of their booking requests.

On demand interpreter services for hospitals

While many hospitals will use onsite interpreters, there are situations where hospitals need immediate access to telephone or video interpreter services. Our ondemand capability allows for medical professionals and administrative staff to access language services when and where they need them.