Conference Interpreting

Remote Conference Interpreting Software

The interpreter.io platform delivers remote conference interpreting. There are massive cost savings associated with remote interpreting. You can get a simultaneous translation of the events at the conference or meeting.

Professional interpreting and translation companies often are restricted from delivering interpreting services to conference where the event is not held in their home town. Interpreter.io enables you to use the best interpreters for that subject matter, without having to worry about the price of travel, accommodation and other related expenses.

A recent event held in Perth, Australia used a local Polish interpreter who was performing the work from Poland. Even almost half the way around the world, this event was a huge success. The client decided on hiring devices for the attendees, but saved in the cost of flying the subject matter expert interpreter from Poland. They also saved because they did not need the interpreter booths. It was estimated that the cost savings were approximately 80%.

You can plug it in to existing devices and systems, or have only use the phones and tablets of the delegates. 

Additionally, our remote conference interpreting solution allows for live streams of the event. Live streaming in addition to the in person attendance of delegates allow for more people to access the event.

Our system let's organizations benefit from their investment in interpreter equipment, while getting the advantages of using the best interpreters.