The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Remote Interpreting Platform in 2023

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, remote interpreting wasn't a brand-new idea. Yet, the commotion around it wasn't as intense.

But the pandemic forced a major change in the way the world thought about things.

The crisis propelled remote interpreting from being an afterthought, to becoming a crucial tool for business continuity, across sectors.

But here's the twist: with every tech player trying to leverage this uptrend, the market was flooded with “innovations” (a lot of these turned out to be nothing more than marketing noise). The rapid pace made it difficult to discern genuine innovation from hype marketing. 

Despite these distractions, genuine innovation didn’t cease.

The standout star among many interpreting innovations has undoubtedly been Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI).

The transition of physical meetings and events, to online remote interpreting platforms, spurred the demand for RSI like never before.

Sample image of a remote interpreting platform during an online meeting

Responding to this demand, providers have been relentless in tweaking their offerings, aiming to cater to the specialised needs of diverse clients.

Today, the landscape is full of remote interpreting platforms, each with their own pros and cons.

This variety is a sign of growth in the market (great!).

Unfortunately for end users though, variety also adds complexity and overwhelm when trying to pick the perfect fit for your need.

In this breakdown, our goal is to help you understand the core factors that come into play when making decisions around these tools. The hope is that you’ll be empowered to make informed choices that align with your business requirements.

The World of Relay Interpreting: An Overview

Relay Interpreting might sound like a technical term, but the concept is actually quite straightforward - and immensely practical.

How does the relay in "Relay Interpreting" enhance communication, instead of complicating it?Diverse group of individuals conversing each representing a different language and culturejpg

Relay Interpreting is a method where interpreters ensure that messages are interpreted across different languages in a chain-like process. 

We'll explore the mechanics of how relay interpreting works, its varied forms, common applications, and both its strengths and challenges.

Guide to Multilingual Virtual Meetings: Best Tools and Practices

Since the advent of COVID-19, we've seen exponential growth in the use of virtual events and meetings.

Because of the pandemic, companies around the world have changed the way they work. Now, there's a big demand for online events that can cater to participants from different countries - all at once.

Multilingual virtual meetings during Covid-19

Virtual meetings are now a regular part of our work life, thanks to more people working from home and teaming up with others globally. These online get-togethers - like group calls or web events - help connect people no matter where they are.

But things get tricky when attendees speak different languages. Clear communication is essential for good multilingual virtual meetings, and it gets harder when different languages come into play.

Different languages, cultures, and accents can cause confusion, making it hard for everyone to work together. On top of language differences, other challenges like time zone differences and technical issues can also arise.

So, when companies hold multilingual virtual meetings, they need special tools to help participants understand each other. Using video tools and platforms that help with language can make online events better for everyone.

To help make your multilingual virtual meetings easier, we've made a list of useful tips. With these, you can facilitate smooth multilingual virtual meetings that welcome everyone, no matter what language they speak.

Whispering Interpreting: Where Silence Meets Understanding

If you're on the lookout to grasp the finer details of whispering interpretation, (or if you’ve never heard of whispering interpretation), then you've landed in the right place. We know it can sometimes feel like a maze navigating through the different types of interpreting services available out there, trying to find the one that really clicks.

Whispering interpreting is a subtle, yet incredibly useful style of interpretation.Whispering interpreting in action during a discussion in a business meetingjpg

We'll highlight what exactly sets whispering interpreting apart. We've got the details on the specific processes of whispering interpreting, and we'll do it with other well-known forms of interpretation, such as consecutive, simultaneous, relay, and liaison interpreting.

In-Person Interpretation: Everything You Need to Know

In many sectors and businesses, it's impossible to ignore the significant impact of in-person interpreters. These professionals excel at ensuring smooth and meaningful conversations between people or groups who don't share a common language. In person interpreter assisting with the closing of a business deal between two peoplejpg

We're about to take a closer look at what an in-person interpreter is, and highlight the procedures these professionals use during interpretation sessions.