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Conference Interpreter and Interpreting Service


Conference interpreting is one of the most challenging interpreting services to deliver. In most cases, you will need a professional interpreter who can translate at the same time as the speaker. This is known as simultaneous conference interpreting. Translationz can offer the peace of mind of working with a team who can help make your conference a success.

Lessons when you need interpreters at your event.

Professional interpreters make the difference

Investments in conferences are significant.  They need to run smoothly.  We have been told by clients of disasters of choosing the wrong interpreters or company.  Simultaneous interpreting is a skilled profession.  Just because some can speak both languages, it does not mean that they can be a skilled interpreter.  We have some of the best interpreters in Australia who work at our conferences and events.  We are trusted to interpret for high level government delegations, 500+ people conferences, pharmaceutical, medical, dental and other events where the cost of getting it wrong is high.  Conveying the right message for your brand and event can be enhanced with strong professional interpreters.

A single interpreter for each language is not enough for longer events - particularly for simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting is required for an event where you do not want pauses waiting for the interpreter after each sentence.  Having a single interpreter for each language is an invitation for a poor interpretation, ineffective communication and potential for gaps in the translation.  Simultaneous conference interpreting is mentally taxing.  It requires continual concentration.  Therefore, it is recommended that your interpreter switches after each presentation or every 20-30 minutes.  This refreshes the interpreter and helps with optimal communication to your audience.

Cheaper equipment is not always suitable

We offer three interpreter equipment options.  We will recommend the cheaper option where it will meet the needs of the client and the audience.  However, the cheaper option is not always suitable.  Greater the number of languages and the interaction with the audience often requires the more expensive solution. 

A single-source specialist in interpreting and equipment reduces finger pointing

Translationz supplies the interpreters and we own the rental the interpreter equipment.   We do hire our translation and interpretation equipment to other companies, however there is a learning curve when people have not done important events before.   

Early booking gets the best interpreters available and ensure equipment availability

There are a variety of times in the year where equipment is booked out.  The best interpreters are booked out in United States and Canada.  When there is an event in Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and Silicon valley happening at the same time then if an event planner waits too long, they can get the lower end interpreters and in extreme cases they will be unable to get the equipment.  

We have vast experience in conference interpretation and we can steer you through the obstacles to make sure your event is a success.  Whether you need interpreter services for a business meeting or a large conference, we can help. The choice of your conference interpreter company is the first key decision on your path to a successful event. Read through some of our services and then contact us with specific questions.


Our services range from full service language provider through to providing just the interpreter or just the interpreter equipment rental. Our services are available across the US, Canada and Australia. We may also be able to help with other locations, however we do not have a physical presence in those locations.  Our services are:

  • Providing professional interpreters for your event
  • Rental equipment for your event:
  • Full conference infrared translation equipment rental
  • Breakout and tour group equipment rental
  • Mini equipment hire
  • Translation booth hire
  • Full translation booth 'sound proof'
  • Desktop translation booth 'sound dampening'

What languages do you have for conference interpreting?

Conference level interpreters are available for most languages. The languages on the menu provide an indication of the more common languages. 

How many interpreters are required at a conference?

Conference interpreting requires serious concentration. At most conferences we will have at least two interpreters for each language. This gives  our team members the opportunity to swap at logical break points. For example, the first interpreter may translate for the key note speaker and then swap to other interpreter for the next topic.  They swap throughout the day. Therefore, if your conference is more than an hour long, we recommend having at least two interpreters per language.

What notice is required to ensure success?

We often work with event organizers up to four months before the event. There is massive risk associated with short notice. We will often say that we are unable to assist where planning has been inadequate.

What preparation should occur?

There are two levels of preparation needed. The client should provide background information including presentations and agendas as soon as practical. The scheduled conference interpreters will review that information prior to the conference in preparation for the meeting. Depending on the amount of work, this will incur a cost.  

Do conference interpreters specialize?

Yes. Some conference interpreters specialize both in their language pair and specific subject matter.  Typical specialties include finance, engineering, government, trade and there are many more.  While we do our best to find the specialist in your field, sometimes that requires that we fly that person in to your event. We would discuss these options with you with the associated budgetary implications.

What is the cost of conference interpreter?

The cost of the interpreter will depend on many factors. Like in most professions, there are different levels of expertise and specializations. Conference interpreters are on the high range for the level of expertise and cost. When discussing this with our clients, we ask about the impact of getting it wrong. If it there is a high impact, then we will recommend the most proficient interpreter services and this will cost more.

What areas do you service?

Translationz is happy to provide conference interpreter services to locations across the US; including popular conference cities of Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington DC,Orlando, New York and Los Angeles.  Our top ten cities for demand for conference interpreters in the USA are:

We serve most locations with interpreting services and equipment.

General conference information 

Conferences and summits are times to share ideas to large groups of people. Usually, these take place with people from all over the world attending. This calls the need for effective interpreting. In these events, the interpreter must be focused on the job at hand. Also, they need to well-versed in both the source and target language. Usually, in multi-cultural settings, the speaker may use references that may not be understandable people of different cultures. The interpreter then needs to explain these references effectively to ensure effective communication.

Our staff at Translationz possess all the characteristics of a good conference interpreter: skill, experience and professionalism.

Interpreters with a technical specialization can help you achieve more effective communication.

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