Short videos with a snapshot of some key functions
Browse the list of videos to see how easy it is to use the Interpreter IO system.
The videos are structured to show you some highlights of the system.
Easy to Use
Whether you are the requester, an interpreter coordinator or an agency, this system is intuitive and easy to use.
Suitable for both organisations with thousands of bookings per day and smaller agencies
The perfect choice of a complete interpreter management system.
Multiple tiers of security including two factor authentication of users.
Reliable Resources
Efficient workflow delivering smooth communication on the platform, via messaging and the app.
Across Industries
Used in any industry you need to manage interpreters and their bookings. Most common include courts, government departments, hospitals and interpreter agencies.

Portfolio Videos

All Users - Login to Interpreter IO - Simply enter email address and password
Requester or Admin - Create Booking Request for Onsite Appointment
Requester or Admin - Create Booking for Telephone Interpreting (Requester)
Requester or Admin - Create Booking for Video Interpreter (Requester)
Admin - Review and Approve Booking (Interpreter Coordinator)
Requester or Admin - Invite Agencies or In-house Interpreters (Courts and Hospitals)
Agency Admin - Invite Interpreters to Potential Assignment (for Agencies)
Translationz Video
Translationz Receiver
Requester or Admin - Invite participants to telephone booking
Requester and Admin - Invite participants to video booking
Interpreter -Complete assignment and upload job completion form