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Rochester Interpreter and Interpreting Services in Rochester

Translationz can provide interpreter services to business, government, hospitals, medical clinics, social organizations, courts and law firms in Rochester and across NY.  In addition to our personal phone service, we also have an integrated solution that allows for the booking of interpreter services, video and telephone click to call interpreters as well direct access on a local or toll free number.

The majority of our interpreter services are delivered in the following four service lines in Rochester:

  1. Medical and Health Care 
  2. Conferences and Business Meetings
  3. Legal and Court
  4. Call centers and remote interpretation service - video and telephone.

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous professional interpreters, at your site, in local hotels and conference centers or over the phone.


We believe that we have the technology, processes, human resources and business practices to support best practices in medical and health care interpreting.  Translationz agency Our company offers interpreting services for Albuquerque hospitals, public and private, clinics and health care practices that are available for most languages. Medical interpreters understand the importance of their translation.  We have trained interpreters that are suitable for medical and medico-legal translation services.


We understand that bigger businesses need to serve all their clients; including those who speak languages other than English.  It is not practical to have all these people on staff.  Therefore, our technology allows for integration into our current processes and technology.  Feel free to call to discuss your needs.

Rochester is known as “The Worlds’ Image Center” that has over 200,000 settlers. It is the international center of higher education, medical, and technological. Rochester tops as the most livable city for having the low cost of living, low jobless rate, and top public schools.

Our interpreter services are available across Rochester and its surround cities. Our interpreters are experienced in their interpreting specialties that will certainly give you an accurate and best service. Please call us today, or get a free quote.


Our Rochester court interpreting services are available in the city Rochester for most of languages. Our court interpreters are available across the city of Rochester and its surrounding locations. Our court interpreter are proven of having effective communication from the source language and target language. We provide professional, certified, and most accurate interpreting services for any of your interpreting needs. Call us, or request a quote to get our Rochester court interpreter services.


Our Rochester court interpreter is available across the city and its surrounding cities. We offer face-to-face, telephone or conference interpreting services. Our interpreters are familiar with different legal language, and cultural and language differences that result in a high quality and effective service. At Translationz interpreting services we assure to give you the best service in you interpreting needs.


We have our interpreters attending some of the biggest conferences around the world.  We hire interpreter equipment including sound proof booths, interpretation equipment rental and microphones. We can be your single source for all of the languages services associated with your conference or business meeting.


Translationz agency offers the best conference interpreting services in Rochester. We have interpreters across Rochester available for conferences that covers most languages. Check our interpreters' availability by giving us a call and get your free quote as well!

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