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Austin TX Interpreter and Interpreting Services


Austin is the fourth largest city in Texas. Our interpreting service is used in a variety of environments.


There is a significant requirement for language services including translation and interpreting in Austin. Around 25% of Austin residents speak Spanish, and there is a rapid growth of Asian languages. Asian language speakers in Austin including Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Korean, Urdu, and Vietnamese are doubling in number every ten years.  These demographic changes are compelling. Translation services for these languages are expected to grow at the the same pace as the growth in use of these languages. 

Austin-Terminal-AirportWith around 18% of Austin residents being foreign born and the range of 20 to 50% self-assess on the US Census as unable to speak English “very well”, there is a clear need to assist these residents with language interpretation and and translation services.

Austin became the third fastest growing large city in the U.S. states from 2000-2006. It is known as the “Violet Crown” because of the violet color glows in the hills just sunset in the wintertime. Austin is known as the “clean air city” because of the non-smoking policy in all public places. It is considered as the 31st most walkable among the 50 cities in the U.S. Austin is the nation’s 40th real estate market in 2003. It also became the fastest growing household income in the early and late 90’s. Austin companies, organisations, and groups are growing. Many industries are developing. In this matter, interpreting services are highly required to fulfill the goals as part of many types of industry. Our professional and certified interpreting skills can provide the highly accurate result for any of your interpreting needs and requirements.

Translationz can provide interpreter services to business, government, hospitals, medical clinics, social organizations, courts and law firms in Austin.  In addition to our personal phone service, we also have an integrated solution that allows for the booking of interpreter services, video and telephone click to call interpreters as well direct access on a local or toll free number.

Austin Texas Court Interpreter ServicesThe majority of our interpreter services are delivered in the following four service lines in Austin:

  • Medical and Health Care 
  • Conferences and Business Meetings
  • Legal and Court
  • Call centers and remote interpretation service - video and telephone.

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous professional interpreters, at your site, in local hotels and conference centers or over the phone.


We have our interpreters attending some of the biggest conferences around the world. Translationz are your choice for a one stop shop for language conference solutions. Experience, attention to detail, client focus and technical expertise matter, that is why so many in-house AV companies and client choose our conference interpretation solutions. We hire interpreter equipment including sound proof booths, interpretation equipment rental and microphones. We have a project manager assigned to your event so that you rest assured that your language needs will be met. We can be your single source for all of the languages services associated with your conference or business meeting.

Austin Texas Hospital Medical Interpreting


We believe that we have the technology, processes, human resources and business practices to support best practices in medical and health care interpreting. Translationz agency Our company offers interpreting services for Austin hospitals, public and private, clinics and health care practices that are available for most languages. Medical interpreters understand the importance of their translation. We have trained interpreters that are suitable for medical and medico-legal translation services.


We understand that bigger businesses need to serve all their clients; including those who speak languages other than English.  It is not practical to have all these people on staff. Therefore, our technology allows for integration into our current processes and technology. Feel free to call to discuss your needs. provides translators for interpreter services, simultaneous interpreters, court interpreters, medical interpreters and interpretation equipment rental.

People with “Limited English Proficient” (LEP) may not speak, read, write, and understand English in a way that permits effective interaction with the businesses and services in the area. 

There is additional incentive to provide effective language services. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in any program or activity that receives federal financial assistance.


The Intepreter.IO Interpreting Service (IOIS) is a fastest and friendly way to connect with a phone interpreter immediately and provides services in 20+ languages.

To use IOIS you only need to have:

- Your assigned phone number

- PIN number for your account

Once you are set up with IOIS, it is so easy to get access to a telephone language interpreter immediately when and where you need it.  Just call your assigned, enter your PIN, select your language and then get connected. directly by calling your assigned number and selecting the language from the menu.


Our legal interpreting services are available across the city of Austin. We offer face-to-face, telephone or conference interpreting services. Our interpreters are familiar with different jargons, and cultural and language differences that result in a high quality and effective service.


Translationz agency offers interpreting services for Austin conferences that are available for most languages.


Courts are responsible for locating and scheduling language interpreters.

The Immigration Court is accountable for any formal court proceedings and in decision-making. The court responses to both detained and non-detained cases.

The Immigration Judges have the authority to consider the applications for admissible or deportable. In addition, the applications also include the adjustment of status, cancellation of removal, and waivers of inadmissibility.

The court has guaranteed to provide most accurate and current information about the service's convenience.

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