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Spanish Interpreter and Interpreting Services

Spanish Interpreter provides professional Spanish interpreter services to clients in the US around the world. We have qualified, professional interpreters available in most cities in the US.  See why some many businesses, government entities and individuals use our Spanish translators.

Spanish Interpreter Services

The areas for demand for Spanish interpreting services in the US are New York, Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, Phoenix and Dallas. These areas are popular because of the number of Spanish speaking residents. The big advantage of having so many Spanish speakers is that we have a great selection of certified, qualified and educated Spanish interpreters. This means that we can serve major cities with face to face onsite interpreting. This is the most effective method of interpreting, however telephone and video interpretation are also suitable in some circumstances.



The accuracy of the interpreting quality of by Translationz differentiates us. Our vast experience and knowledge make us deliver the best service for your interpreting needs for court, medical, conference, meeting, business, TV, radio, and much more. Please don’t hesitate to discuss with us your needs.

Services offered:

  • Spanish Court interpreting

  • We provide interpreters for criminal and civil cases. Translation services are required through the life cycle of the legal matter and we are often able to provide the same interpreter. This provide continuity and also increases the trust in the translation accuracy. Translationz also provide medico-legal interpreters for workers compensation, insurance and personal injury matters.
  • Spanish Medical interpreting

  • Medical and health care is an area where it is very important the terminology is translated accurately. We have specialist interpreters available for hospital and health care environments.
  • Spanish  Phone interpreting

  • Sometime there are not local language professionals available for your assignment.  We will then offer you a telephone interpretation option.  For larger clients,we also have a interpreter booking and management solution to make the whole process efficient.
  • Spanish Conference interpreting

  • And more

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Our Health Care Clients Include:
GP's and Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Health Centres, Call centres supporting Nurses, Psychologists and Psychiatrists, Physios, Hand Therapists, Rehabilitation providers, Health Insurance companies, Social Workers and other allied health professionals.
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Technical Specialties

Interpreting can be done in many environments with different specializations.

Interpreter Environments

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