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Bulgarian Interpreter and Interpreting Services

Bulgarian is a very unique language, branching out from the Slavic language family. The language derives its spoken sounds from sounds of the Old Church Slavonic, which was the first Slavic literary language.  It differs from many other languages in various aspects of grammar and word use. The highly developed language has systems others do not use, such as the Proto-Slavic verb system. This marks one of the characteristics of the Bulgarian language. This aspect also makes interpreting quite challenging, especially for those who are not proficient. It has two main dialect categories: western (hard speech) and eastern (soft speech). An estimated 12 million people speak Bulgarian.


If you need proficient and professional Bulgarian interpreters, Translationz can provide them for you.

Our services include:

  • Bulgarian Court interpreting

  • Bulgarian Medical interpreting

  • Bulgarian Phone interpreting

  • Bulgarian Conference interpreting

  • And more

Our translator staff know a wide variety of Bulgarian dialects. Whatever type of interpretation you need, we can do the job. Give us a call, or request a quote today. 

Our Health Care Clients Include:
GP's and Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Health Centres, Call centres supporting Nurses, Psychologists and Psychiatrists, Physios, Hand Therapists, Rehabilitation providers, Health Insurance companies, Social Workers and other allied health professionals.
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