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Language Interpreters 

Translationz Corp offers interpreter services to business, government, hospitals, medical clinics, social organizations, courts and law firms in USA and around the world. We have interpreters in cities across the US, Canada, Australia and other locations. We can serve international clients and are able to serve both small and large organization needs.  In addition to our personal phone service, we also have an integrated solution that allows for the booking of interpreter services, video and telephone click to call interpreters as well direct access on a local or toll free number.  We also support our client accounts with on-demand interpreter services. 24 hour service is available for approved interpreter services clients.

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What interpreting services do we support?

Translationz offers on-site interpreting (face to face in person interpreting services), over the phone interpreting and as well as video solutions.  The applicable North American Classification System (NAICS) code is 541930, Translation and Interpretation Services. The best interpreters are experienced with interpreting in the environment that you are operating, have subject matter specialization and knowledge, understand and can apply the cultural nuances into word, phrase and sentence selection and their body language.

Onsite Interpreters

Face-to-Face (on-site interpretation) is the most effective form of interpreting. This is the highest volume percentage of interpreting services. Language interpretation is most effectively performed where all the visual cues that are associated with the speech are able to be seen. We provide onsite interpreters for businesses and governments around the world. The requirements for language interpreting services can vary depending on the industry. We work across industries and understand the variations between industries and many of the variations across geographic regions. States across the United States have different laws associated with interpreter services and therefore we will need to understand your location and needs to provide with the best solution. The onsite interpreters are available for the specializations listed below. Rarer languages and in some small cities may require a telephone or video interpretation option.

Telephone Interpreter Services

Phone interpreting, also known as Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI), is a cost effective solution for many organizations to support high volume communication needs.  Our state of the art, cloud based phone interpreting solution allows for a collaborative approach so that together we provide the highest level of quality interpreting. We have a booking system that allows easy workflow and communication on the status of the interpreting session. Phone interpreting is a fast and easy way to connect with non English speaking parties. We offer this in both the private and public sectors and have a demonstrated track record of successful phone interpretation services. Another advantage of phone interpreting is that we can support many more languages and we are able to support regional areas more easily.

Video Interpreting

Video interpreting is a recent advancement in providing interpreter services.  Our video interpreting platform is only for approved accounts where we have validated bandwidth and technical capability. We do this to ensure that experience of translation is good for all parties.

What interpreter specializations are available?

Many of our interpreters have deep experience and areas of specialization. We support over 200 languages. We match the needs of our clients, not only with the language match, but also the areas of expertise. This matching helps ensure that the most effective translation of industry specific terminology occurs. We go the extra mile to make sure that the experience of the language communication is effective.

Translationz interpreting specializations include:

  • General business and government communication needs
  • Medical and Health Care 
  • Conferences and Business Meetings
  • Legal and Court
  • Call centers and remote interpretation service - video and telephone 

Business Specialization

We have supported businesses for their interpreting services in fields such as automotive, consulting, construction and engineering, financial services, education, health care and health sciences, hospitality, manufacturing, public sector, retail, utilities and many more areas. Getting a quality interpreter can make your event, business meeting or negotiation a lot more effective.

Legal Interpreter

Legal interpreters are not only used in the courts. They can be used related to personal injury and workers compensation and other specialty areas of the law. Translationz provides specialists in these areas.


Court interpreters need to meet different requirements across different jurisdictions. Whether it is a deposition, a pre-trial motion or a court case, we can supply the language professionals to help. We provide interpreters who are qualified, certified and can support you through the whole process. Interpretation in the courts is very difficult.  The interpreter must be capable of selecting the right word to effectively communicate the meaning. There have been many instances of ineffective interpretation leading to mistrials and appeals.  It is important that you select a quality interpreter for your court and legal requirements.

Our USA court interpreting services are available in the city USA for most of languages. Our court interpreters are available across the city of USA and its surrounding locations. Our court interpreter are proven of having effective communication from the source language and target language. We provide professional, certified, and most accurate interpreting services for any of your interpreting needs. Call us, or request a quote to get our USA court interpreter services.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation and personal injury are two areas where we often provide medico-legal specialist interpreter services. Having this expertise helps all parties with effective communication. It makes the process faster and more effective. Our record of excellent language services, attendance and professionalism makes Translationz the choice for medico legal interpreting services. 

Medical Interpreter

Hospitals, clinics, aged care, specialists, support and outreach organizations all need medical interpreting services. Whether it is an initial appointment or ongoing care needs, contact us for your certified medical interpreter needs. We have simple to use medical interpreting services for use in hospitals, health care clinics, allied health organizations and other health related practices.  Effective interpreting increases patient safety, improves client outcomes and meets compliance and regulatory requirements.  Translationz Corp's comprehensive, client-focused, timely, professional interpreting and translation solutions can meet the needs of large and small organizations. Our solutions help you save time and money, while still providing great patient outcomes. If you need certified, qualified interpreter services then you should call us.

Health Care

Scheduling high volume interpreter appointments in health care is where we excel. Our cloud based interpreter scheduling and management solution allows for true collaboration between your locations and our project managers. Our solution allows for effective booking, tracking and reporting on interpreter performance metrics.  

Conference Interpreter

Investments in conferences are a large expense. The experience for the delegates must be the best they can be. Effective and professional conference interpreter services can make or break the conference. Translationz Corp provide the qualified conference interpreter services and can also provide the interpretation equipment rental for the conference.  

Interpreter Equipment Hire

Translationz has simultaneous interpreter equipment we hire. The equipment transmits at the same time as the speaker to the conference delegates. We have wireless solutions that are suitable for your conference needs. Our interpretation booths are also available including our full interpreter booth and our table top interpreter booth hire.

Types of interpreters 

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous professional interpreters at your site, in local hotels,conference centers or over the phone. 

Consecutive Interpreter

Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish their sentence or thoughts before they perform the spoken translation.  Our consecutive interpreters are normally used in legal settings, medical settings, small group tours and small group business meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreter 

Simultaneous interpreting allow for the speaker to continue without pausing. The spoken translation follows very quickly after the speaker is speaking those words. Most conferences will use simultaneous interpretation with two or more interpreters required per language pair. When doing simultaneous interpreting, many of our clients also rent our interpreter equipment.

the Interpreting is an important service in cities with booming tourism and economy. As globalization brings in new people from all parts of the globe, communication between foreign languages becomes necessary. Our professional and certified interpreters are more than capable to produce highly accurate translations at a very low price.

Conference Interpreting Services

We have our interpreters attending some of the biggest conferences around the world.  We hire out our quality interpreter equipment including sound proof booths, interpretation equipment rental and microphones. We can be your single source for all of the languages services associated with your conference or business meeting.

Translationz Corp offers excellent quality interpreting services for USA conferences that are available for most languages. We have interpreters across USA available for conferences.  Translationz provides a complete solution to your conference interpreting needs. Our extensive experience in providing language services for conferences, means that we can project manage all the interpreting needs. We work with in house AV companies to make sure that you have integrated solution to your conference needs.


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