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Interpreter Services Company Las Vegas

In 2017, Las Vegas is expecting more than 43 million visitors into southern Nevada.  This tourism is a major source of our translation and interpreter work. Convention attendance was up in 2016 to a record breaking 6.3 million visitors.  There are high expectations that this will grow again in 2017 and lead to a growth in our interpreter services.

With more flights from the middle east and Asia, we expect that Chinese, Japanese and Arabic to be some of the more popular languages.  In addition, Spanish will continue to see high demand.  We serve most languages including Korean, French, Italian, Polish, Hindi, Cantonese, Russian and Portuguese.

Our Las Vegas Services

Las Vegas interpreter services predominantly revolve around our full service conference capabilities. Despite the fact that more than 25% speak a language other than English at home in Nevada, our major focus is still for large meetings and conferences.  We provide the full conference interpreting service; interpreters, pre-conference translation work, along with the equipment rental of booths, and the rental of interpretration sound equipment.

If you are looking for professional interpreter services in Las Vegas, then please give us a call to discuss your requirements. In the first two months of 2016, we have seen approximately 6.8 million visitors to Las Vegas. We have had over 4,300 meetings.  Many of these meetings require interpreter services.  We serve most languages and can help you plan your meeting or conference.

In Las Vegas, there is high demand for our interpreter services. Other common interpreting services project include for courts and a medical interpreting service. We offer in person interpreting, video, telephone and written translator services. 

The most popular non conference interpreter services we offer in Las Vegas is Spanish.  French, German, Russian and Polish interpreter services are also provided.  Chinese (both Mandarin and Catonese) and Tagalog interpreter services for courts, law firms and conferences are also very common.

Specialist interpretation and translation in German, French, Hindi and Urdu languages are provided by our specialist translator personnel.

In Vegas, we can also assist you with an Arabic interpreter and most other languages. 

Our Asian languages division provides conferences and businesses with interpreter services for Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese),  Japanese, Korean and Indonesian.

In the first two months of 2016, we have seen approximately 6.8 million visitors to Las Vegas. We have had over 4,300 meetings.  Many of these meetings require interpreter services.  


Our Las Vegas court interpreting services are available in the city Las Vegas for most of languages. Our court interpreters are available across the city of Las Vegas and its surrounding locations. Our court interpreter are proven of having effective communication from the source language and target language. We provide professional, certified, and most accurate interpreting services for any of your interpreting needs. Call us, or request a quote to get our Las Vegas court interpreter services.



Our Las Vegas court interpreter is available across the city and its surrounding cities. We offer face-to-face, telephone or conference interpreting services. Our interpreters are familiar with different jargons, and cultural and language differences that result in a high quality and effective service. At Translationz interpreting services we assure to give you the best service in you interpreting needs.


Translationz agency offers best quality interpreting services for Las Vegas conferences that are available for most languages. We have interpreters across Las Vegas available for conferences. We also have tour guide and conference interpreter equipment to rent.

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Las Vegas Phone Interpreting

Our Las Vegas phone interpreting is available across the city and neighbour cities that are available for most languages. We provide interpreting services for all types of specialities that include conference, meeting, business, TV, medical, and much more.

Las Vegas Medical Interpreting

We provide medical interpreting services in Washington. Our medical interpreters are experienced, professional, and certified that ensures to give you an accurate result available in any of your interpretation needs or requirements.

Las Vegas Consecutive Interpreter

A consecutive interpreter interprets immediately after the statement has been spoken. The speaker waits for the interpreter to finish the interpretation and then continues to the next statement. The consecutive interpreting is typical for business meetings, telephone interpreting, legal, and medical appointments.

Las Vegas Simultaneous Interpreter

Simultaneous interpreter interprets at the same time as the source language being spoken. Herein, the speaker inapt to pause for the interpreter to speak. Our simultaneous interpreter services for Las Vegas are commonly used in conferences and business meetings.