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Columbus OH and Interpreting Services

Interepreter Services Company Columbus

Columbus sits in the heart of Franklin County, serving as its county seat. It is the largest of all cities in the state of Ohio, as well as the most populous. In fact, it’s the fourth most populous city in the entire Unites States, with a total population of 1,836,536 in Columbus’ metropolitan area and a combined statistical area of 2,031,229 people. Because of this, the capital’s economy is booming with government, defence, aviation, education, banking, medical research and technology as only a few of its drivers. Columbus caters to the world’s biggest private research and development foundation, chemical information clearinghouse and fractional ownership jet aircraft fleet.

The area is filed with exciting landmarks. Those interested in architecture will appreciate the Ohio Judicial Centre’s art-deco style, the Wexner Center designed by Peter Eisenman, along with other Columbus landmarks. Other notable tourist spots include the Columbus Museum of Art, the Wexner Centre for the Arts, the botanical garden located at the Franklin Park Conservatory, the Kelton House Museum and Garden and the science museum at the Centre of Science and Industry Columbus.

Interpreting is direly-needed service in cities with booming tourism and economy. As globalisation brings in new people from all parts of the globe, communication between foreign languages becomes necessary. Our professional and certified interpreters are more than capable to produce highly accurate translations at a very low price.


Court interpreting in Columbus is no easy matter. Every detail counts. Any small misinterpretation could break a case. This is why you should only hire an interpreter that has the proper training in legal matters. Knowledge of jargon is much needed, as she/he should be able to keep up with the fast-paced courtroom.


Our court interpreting services are available across the city of Columbus. We offer a variety of services, including face-to-face, telephone and conference interpreting services. Our interpreters are not just familiar with technical jargon; they are also aware of cultural and language differences. This results and high-quality and effective interpretations.


Translationz agency offers interpreting services for Columbus conferences. They are available in a variety of languages.

Columbus Phone Interpreting

Our phone interpreting services are available across the cities and suburbs of Columbus for most languages.

Columbus Medical Interpreting

We provide medical interpreting services in Columbus. Our medical interpreters are experienced, professional and certified. Our staff go through a strict process of screening to ensure that our clients get accurate results in a short amount of time.

Columbus Consecutive Interpreter

A consecutive interpreter interprets immediately after the statement has been spoken. The speaker waits for the interpreter to finish the interpretation and then continues to the next statement. The consecutive interpreting is typical for business meetings, telephone interpreting, legal, and medical appointments.

Columbus Simultaneous Interpreter

Simultaneous interpreter interprets at the same time as the source language being spoken. Herein, the speaker inapt to pause for the interpreter to speak. Our simultaneous interpreter services commonly in conferences and business meetings.