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The Chinese language is very diverse and has many dialects. The diversity of Chinese is comparable to the Romance languages because of its complexity. Among its many variants, the most spoken remains to be Mandarin, with 850 million speakers. As for the other dominant dialects, Wu has 90 million speakers, Yue has 70 million and Min, 50 million. It is important to note that not all Chinese dialects are intelligible to each other. In Beijing, a more mutually intelligible form of Mandarin Chinese is used, called Standard Chinese. It is now China’s official language. Meanwhile, Hong Kong uses a variety of the Yue called Cantonese. An estimated 1 billion people are native Chinese speakers, comprising of 1/5 of the global population.

Professional Chinese Interpreter

Because of the diversity of the Chinese language, it can be hard to find an interpreter who can handle a complex interpreting job. We at Translationz are more than happy to provide you with high quality interpretations at the lowest rates you can find!

Our services include:

  • Chinese Court interpreting

  • Chinese Medical interpreting

  • Chinese Phone interpreting

  • Chinese Conference interpreting

  • And more

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Our clients include:

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